Fibre and the cloud in a post PC era

It may be nice to get FttH but then the question is now what do I do as of now not a lot really HD video is nice but what is new about that. Well here is the thing people don’t really get the full potential of cloud computing being able to access files is nice but it still requires a large powerful PC or other device in your home. The real innovation that cloud computing will bring is the question of why do I have this big box that sits idle most of the time or uses a small amount of its potential, is this really necessary?

The answer with FttH is NO all you really need is a box capable of piping a stream of appropriate resolution to you display or your TV and farm off the processing to a computer farm running virtual machines. Not only is this good for the consumer (Reduced electricity bills) but it is good overall, the efficiency of a computer farm would be much better than many stand alone PC’s. Another advantage is at peak times the many users will use all the computing power but in off peak times this excess computing power could be sold to scientific institutions for research purposes as it is essentially a super computer this would reduce barriers to access to supercomputers and allow for breakthroughs in research.

There is no limit to the possibilities of cloud computing in this sense any service could be provided TV, Games and Rendering Software through to Facebook and Word Processing. Ubiquitous access wherever you are to your applications, services and things we can’t even think of yet.

Riding on the back of Fast Ubiquitous broadband for all!


Was written on lunch break will edit it properly later or you can comment errors below.


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