Renter’s to suffer with Liberal NBN Plan

With the announcement of the Liberal Parties NBN plan this week there has been debate on the speed and the technology yet we have forgotten the people. The users of the network will be the ones who suffer if it is inadequate and while it is all well and good to say user pays for fibre to their homes and as a young person looking at buying or building I will make sure that I will get fibre to my home and while I should be lucky enough to be buying in the next year or so what about those who can’t.

At the end of the day not everyone can buy maybe their job requires them to move they can save better if they rent can’t afford it or simply prefer the freedom. Whatever the reason according to the Bureau of statistic about 30% of Australians rent and this number is rising year on year as housing becomes more un-affordable.

So the question that needs to be asked is what effect does the Liberals plan have on these people the biggest problem will be if they need Fibre to the Home they then spend $5000 to get connected and then their lease finishes and the landlord decides not to let them renew so they move again spend $5000 again and so on and so forth. So basically if you rent and require FttH for your work you could be up for $5000 every year.

So if you are renting an need FttH better start saving as you may need to buy a house as well.


One thought on “Renter’s to suffer with Liberal NBN Plan

  1. The Liberal attitude to anyone without the means to do any old thing you care to name is……Go to hell. You don’t exist

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