Why you will be Pirating Game of Thrones next year

As confirmed a short while ago by the Financial Review Foxtel will be restructuring their HBO and other network shows to move them out of reach of providers like iTunes and QuickFlix. That means that once again it will be Foxtel or nothing when it comes to these shows which means the many thousands of people who have paid to watch GoT this season will not be able to watch next season without paying for a Foxtel subscription.

The issue is with the internet these days there is no need for such an anticompetitive model to be in place there is no reason HBO or the BBC could not say well for IPTV every time someone views our content it costs 50c to stream and $2 to download and anyone who wants to set up shop and sell it or stream it can. This anti-competitive model we have in place now does not hurt consumers it hurts HBO if it is not available it is known what will happen people will pirate it an open market would allow competition and increase profits for HBO. 

The anti-competitive behaviour of Foxtel in this circumstance needs to be looked at and with the rise of IPTV and OTT streaming services like Quickflix and fetchTV their needs to be equitable ways for new players to enter the market. We will never be able to have innovation in this country while Monopolies and Duopolies are the norm and anyone who tries to compete gets stomped out of the market. This is a problem that needs to be fixed whether that is with anti siphoning regulation related to IPTV or forcing Foxtel to be Cable only and having IPTV separated. 

If we want Australian companies to be able to compete with the Netflix’s and Hulu’s of this world when they come and they will come we need to be in a position for open competition for IPTV because if we don’t local companies will not have a chance. 


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