Hello out there

Time for my first post on my first blog ever!

Well the Australian election is coming up and I have been getting sick and tired of the Coalition getting a free ride on their policies related to technology in this country. Don’t get me wrong Labor have had some bad policies in this area the internet filter for one but it has been discussed in the media truthfully and honestly the NBN on the other hand has only been portrayed in a negative light due to current vested interests like News Limited’s ownership of many companies that are set to lose big time by ubiquitous fast and affordable internet in this country.

So a bit about me before I jump off into the wild and murky world that is Australian politics.

My background is Science BSc Chemistry (Honours) and I have now shifted into Laboratory IT Software. I have always been excited about technology and the possibilities of technology in the future I wan’t this blog to be about not just the NBN but about ideas on the future and how technology like the NBN will change our world.